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Choosing the Best Streaming TV Product for You

Streaming TV products have changed the way we watch television and other media that we enjoy. Instead of being on a specific schedule or getting a DVR, streaming devices allow us to watch what we want when we want. You can also pause, fast forward, skip what you want and enjoy commercial free television. When it comes to choosing the right streaming products, where do you start? With so many options, choosing the best streaming TV product for your home might become overwhelming. 


Before choosing just any product answer a few basic questions:


  • Who will use the streaming device?
  • What apps do you need to have?
  • Is 4K streaming important to you? 
  • What is your budget?


Once you answer these few questions you'll have a better idea what to look for. TV streaming devices vary in price and features. They do not all have the same apps, downloadable features or same monthly subscriptions. Some of the best devices for streaming include:


Roku Ultra- This is the latest streaming product from Roku. If offers many great features such as a remote control with headphone jack, personalize shortcuts and voice control. Disney+ and Apple TV have also been added to the device. You can also enjoy three months free of Apple TV with your purchase and activate your device. This product is available for $98 and comes with USB and micro SD ports. If this is over your budget you can choose one of their other older options ranging from $30 and up. 


Amazon Fire TV Cube-If you are a Amazon Prime customer, a great option for you would be their TV Cube. This cube connects to your TV through HDMI port and your wireless internet. Once you do this, you can enjoy countless of apps including HBO, Showtime, Disney+, ESPN, free television channels, and so much more! You can even find great family games that everyone will enjoy. The best part of the TV Cube is that it uses voice command with Alexa. You can mute, search, stop, or even ask Alexa how the weather is outside. This device is around $120. 


Google Chromecast- If you're looking for an affordable streaming device this is a great option. For just $30 you can enjoy over 2,000 different apps including Netflix, YouTube TV and HBO. From television shows and movies to songs, games and sports, you can watch it all with this device. This USB stick streaming product is perfect for anyone that doesn't want visible cables.



The above are some of the best streaming devices for your home. They are an affordable way to watch your favorite media and save or cut down on your cable bill. Please note that all the devices need internet in order to work. At this time, you can't use your unlimited date on mobile devices to stream on your television.